Created by The Company

Rose Bruford and

Theatre Peckham :: Feb 2018

Director Dan Bird

With public discourse currently questioning the value of art in society, and government policy seeming to marginalise the arts in education, we’re asking the question: what do the arts mean to young people? Working directly with primary school children aged 9 - 11, the provocation is to imagine a world without art: no music, no literature, no story-telling or books, no TV or film, no dance, no paintings or sculptures, no singing, no theatres, no plays, no drama.

But what would that world look like? Would we be able to live and laugh and love? And what if art found a sneaky way of creeping back in?

A WORLD WITHOUT ART was developed with KS2 students in south London and was created from their ideas and contributions. The production was built around a groundbreakingly democratised approach to live video, music and design that immersed the audience in its imaginative, vibrant and chaotic world.