Created by Bad Physics

Written by Andrew Doyle, Ciaran McConville, Brendan Murphy

Clerkenwell Design Week :: May 2012

Director Dan Bird

Producer Paul Jellis

Composer Dan Bird

Cast Amy Cudden, Brendan Murphy

On the original site of the medieval well from which Clerkenwell derives its name, mystery plays, wrestling matches, radical performances and other dramatic representations occurred regularly for hundreds of years. For Clerkenwell Design Week 2012, Bad Physics and aberrant architecture reawaken a centuries old tradition with three new plays - contemporary reinventions of these shows - presented in a Tiny Travelling Theatre, touring Clerkenwell for the festival's duration. Visitors are invited to hop on board to experience a variety of intimate performances and encounters.


by Andrew Doyle

Welcome to Lady Babylon's House of Pleasure - it's small and it's cramped and but it's cheap. She's got four of the finest pieces of ass in the whole of London. And one of them is you. So flutter those eyelashes and shake that tail in order to win the affections and the pocket-book of Mr Smith, in an interactive musical meatmarket.


by Ciaran McConville

Meet Mary and Joseph: he smells strangely of cat piss and she's spent the last decade waiting for a visit from three wise men. They want to tell you about their Miracleboy and why, though life is hard, they are the richest parents in the world. With no shortage of fish and loaves. This is a story of Virgin salesmen, brothels, the fatal envy of middle-class mums and close-up miracles that will make you believe. Bring gifts. Gold preferable but credit cards accepted.


by Brendan Murphy

A young Russian heiress has gone missing, One Direction have mysteriously disbanded & someone is putting the squeeze on anyone foolhardy enough to follow up the case. Coincidence? Don't be thick. Luckily for you Avalanche & Thunder are on the case. Step into our Tiny Travelling Theatre and join super sleuth Det. Richard 'Dick' Thunder and his no-nonsense partner Lt. Judy 'Fuego' Avalanche as they unravel the clues in this close-up, interactive murder mystery, and give crime a whack!