Written by Owen McCafferty

Royal Exchange Manchester :: May 2007

Director Dan Bird

Designer James Cotterill

Lighting Designer Richard Owen

Sound Designer Claire Windsor

Cast Branwell Donaghey, Packy Lee

“Cracking with energy and life. Superlative performances and

remarkably assured direction. A must-see”

Manchester Evening News

“Donaghey and Lee radiate more energy in an hour that most actors do in an entire run...

A witty, profound and meticulously rehearsed piece of whirlwind theatre”


A physical, comic and deeply affecting drama about two boys - Mojo and Mickybo, thick as two short thieves - whose friendship begins at a chance meeting in a park and is cemented by their obsession with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Set both in 1970’s Belfast and the present day, MOJO MICKYBO is an exhilarating whirlwind adventure through the streets of this colourful city. Two actors play a host of 14 characters ranging from local bullies Gank the Wank and Fuckface, to Uncle Sidney the Cinema owner, the Old Major who lives in the bonfire, and the gossiping women at the top of the street.