Written by Alexander Owen

Wimbledon College of Arts :: Feb 2015

Director Dan Bird

Cast Lotti Maddox, Brendan Murphy

In the near future the impact of technology has enhanced almost every element of our lives. Internet communication can analyse facial expressions to reveal if the user is lying; computerised brain implants can be programed to suppress delusional illnesses; advertising has become so advanced that it is tattooed directly onto the body of famous porn stars; video games can interact with real life and allow players to attack actual people; euthanasia has become personalised to match each patient’s suicidal desires. But there’s a thin line between enhancement and infiltration, and the question has to be asked - who is keeping an eye on us all?

Commissioned for the BA in Theatre Design at Wimbledon College of Arts, EVERYTHING FEELS WEIRD AT FIRST is a new play by Alexander Owen, one half of award-winning comedy duo, The Pin.